We are a two-family business with a combined experience in tents and tent manufacturing for close to 40 years.

We also come from a professional Nature Conservation background which blends in with our philosophy of environmental consciousness and understanding.

We are master canvas crafters, we are not at all corporate in nature nor do we use automation.

We are all passionate and skilled in our craft of manufacturing the finest tents in the market and take an extreme pride in constantly innovating and improving on our features and designs.

We use the finest fabric materials and do not integrate cut-offs into our product which is one of the many factors that plays a part in our tents longevity.

Exclusive Tents has become the “go-to” company for luxury & bespoke tent designs. This unique two-family business has an emphasis in crafting the best tents without ‘suits’, conveyer belts and corporate bureaucracy, it is our personable and friendly approach that opens many doors and has Exclusive Tents speaking to some serious names in hospitality and even amongst royalty.

With our conservation background we are passionate about bringing conservation services to bear and integrating wildlife conservation and ecotourism with rural development where at all possible, Exclusive Tents offer solutions that bridge the gap between the wild and the luxurious.

As a tribute, and now a tradition, Exclusive Tents has named all of our tent designs after some of Africa’s most legendary elephants, both past and present.

Our motto: Vision, Mission, Passion.

Vision = The dream

Mission = The journey

Passion = The positive energy used to realize the dream